[COMMENTARY] Amy Kremer Tweets That Presidents Day Crowd Proves Trump Won

Amy Kremer, who organized the Save America rally that preceded the violent and deadly insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th, lives in a delusional world where Donald Trump loves her and will be coming to help her fight her battles with the FBI and the FEC. Both agencies are investigating her, as well as her daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, for their roles in those events as well as their right-wing organization, Women for America First. Kremer not only obtained the permit for the rally where former Trump told the crowd to march on the Capitol, but also spent the weeks leading up to it on a 20-city bus tour, spreading incendiary propaganda, lies, and hate across the country.

Kremer tweets about Trump the way a K-Pop stan tweets about BTS. Fawning over him to a nauseating degree, Kremer still denies he lost the 2020 election no matter who tweets her the facts about math and how Joe Biden received more votes than her beloved Dear Leader, but she won’t hear of it. And a Presidents Day crowd in West Palm Beach, Florida, was enough to give this sad sack hopelessly devoted to Donald a case of the Big Hopes.

Trump finally popped out of his sad swamp hidey-hole on Monday and drove through a crowd of still-loyal MAGA supporters, which made Kremer jump to the conclusion that he must have won the election because no crowds showed up like that for Joe Biden, and also because she’s delusional. Kremer issued a series of tweets about the election, one of which was slapped with a disclaimer by Twitter after users reported it for making false claims about the election.

Kremer seems to be intentionally inviting people to report her so she can complain about being “canceled”, a new whine the right has taken to pairing with their favorite cheeses.


Anyone who tweets lies about the election gets in trouble for it, but the martyr syndrome energy is strong with Kremer. Of course, she conveniently left out the minor detail that it wasn’t some spontaneous gathering in the streets, but a planned event sponsored by a right-wing group not all that different from her own.


It’s only a question of what will happen first: Kremer getting banned from Twitter or getting arrested for her financial and federal crimes.

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