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[COMMENTARY] Amy Kremer Cries Censorship, Gets Locked Out of Twitter

[COMMENTARY] Amy Kremer Cries Censorship, Gets Locked Out of Twitter


There comes a point on Twitter where even a Verified user can’t get away with tweeting just anything. Donald Trump was famously banned from the site in the wake of the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol, and despite the cries of “Cancel culture!” from the right, he will never be allowed back. His remaining supporters on the site have taken up his mantle and gotten themselves in similar trouble; Mike Lindell of My Pillow also recently received the same fate.

Amy Kremer, the organizer of the Save America rally that preceded the deadly attack on Congress, was still claiming Monday night that Trump won the election, pointing to a planned Presidents Day event to crowd the streets as the Former Guy went to play golf as evidence. Despite (not so friendly) warnings from other users that she would get in trouble for such flagrant violations of Twitter’s terms of service, Kremer kept tweeting about Trump, censorship, and “the Blue Check brigade” despite being Verified herself.


While it’s fine for anyone to believe whatever they want (unicorns, Santa, religion), Twitter puts warnings on tweets that share false information about the 2020 election.

Soon after that, Kremer tweeted about being silenced.

And that’s when her account suddenly got very quiet. The next anyone heard from a Kremer, it was Amy’s daughter Kylie Jane, who falsely reported yours truly for “doxxing” when I tweeted their group’s phone number that’s published on their website. The Kremer family tree apparently only has one branch.

Kylie tweeted on behalf of her mother, and you can see that she’s got that MAGA playing the victim thing down pat.

Since they’ve constructed quite the martyr narrative, you’d think Amy would be crushing it on Parler, just assailing Twitter’s censorship rules and the libs who ran her off. But ironically, she hasn’t posted a single thing as of Wednesday, because she’s probably actually still tweeting who’s probably actually still tweeting from the Women for America First and the Women for Trump Twitter accounts she also runs.

Kremer is facing serious criminal charges from both the FEC and FBI, so it’s possible her Twitter suspension may be permanent after all (fingers crossed).


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