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[COMMENTARY] AFPAC Founder Joining With Catholic White Supremacists to Form New Extremist Group

[COMMENTARY] AFPAC Founder Joining With Catholic White Supremacists to Form New Extremist Group

If there is a dumber made-up word than “groyper,” I don’t know what it is, but I’ll be open to your suggestions if you can find anything that might sound stupider once you finish all of this.

It’s bad enough that white supremacy and Antisemitism exist at all, but it’s worse when terrible people who enjoy both get together. The Whitest Kids U (Don’t) Want to Know always manage to find each other (THANKS SOCIAL MEDIAS) and boy howdy, they all sure did find each other back in 2015 and 2016 when the groyper trolling faction became a subset of MAGA that was personified by a cartoon frog called Pepe. If you were paying any attention to Trump’s first garbage fire of a campaign, you’ll recall those frogs dressed like Hitler or in Blackface, but they’d accuse all of their opponents of the blatant racism they displayed. And they loved to attack Hillary’s supporters, she said from personal experience. I was cyberharassed so terribly by Trump’s worst people, Twitter Verified me for my own protection (being a former local radio personality also helped at the time). This is typical of the tweets I would get back then, and thankfully those accounts no longer exist.

So, hearing that Nick Fuentes just isn’t happy with his groypers being terrible enough to merit a whole side convention during CPAC, he went and started recruiting some fine young white men from the Catholic version of the “My Invisible Sky Daddy Is Better Than Yours” contest. These extremists call themselves “Church Militant” in case you somehow missed their point. They have a “recruiting wing,” which gives off real “ABC Afterschool Special” vibes about some poor lonely bullied kid whose single mom works a lot and gets easily indoctrinated into a cult. There have to be vans involved, is my guess.

Yeah, THAT guy who was all “YOUR BODY IS MINE” is one of these Church Militant mooks. I’m fascinated by the cult mentality here. “Let’s all be terrible and hate anyone who isn’t white and also loves Jeebus” is really not the flex you want to be taking in 2022, but here we are.

So there are more of them now who are “faith-based” but it’s kind of hard to ignore the huge disconnect at play here. Fuentes has engaged gleefully denied the Holocaust and praised Hitler.

Fuentes is the worst and he loves every second of it. And now there are more young white men who want to be more like him than be good human beings. It’s not even a question of how we got to this point anymore, it’s how do we stop it from spreading even more?

So, is there a dumber word than groyper? You tell me.

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