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Comey Memos Will Eventually Be Released And Trump Is Probably Livid

Comey Memos Will Eventually Be Released And Trump Is Probably Livid

Photo Credit: Mike Licht

Former FBI Director James Comey took detailed notes after each meeting he had with Trump before the President fired him for looking into the POTUS’ collusion with Russia. Following every meeting, Comey sat down and took detailed notes, fearing the President would lie about what they discussed.

Immediately after a mention of the memos was made public, news organizations began to file Freedom of Information Act requests to see exactly what was contained in those notes.

The Justice Department denied the media requests and that led to lawsuits being filed to obtain the records. The Justice Department argued that releasing the documents could interfere with the ongoing probe by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Now, a report on Politico says a federal judge has ruled that the news organizations will have to wait until the investigations are over before the memos will be available through an FOIA request.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled that the release of the documents “could reveal sensitive nonpublic information and compromise the investigation.”

The former FBI Director explained to the Senate Intelligence Committee why he had taken the notes.

“I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so I thought it important to document. That combination of things I had never experienced before but had led me to believe I got to write it down and write it down in a very detailed way.”

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Judge Boasberg acknowledged the unusual circumstances in his opinion.

“The Court acknowledges that this situation is rather unprecedented; it is not every day that an FBI Director feels the need to memorialize his conversations with a sitting President and then publicize that he did so.”

Following the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, media outlets will be allowed to request the memos in their entirety.

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