Comedian Randy Rainbow has a Message for Two Terrible Republican Senators

Randy Rainbow has come out with a new song parodying Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. The Emmy award nominated comedian says that the only thing most Americans can agree on is that they want the Trump loving senators gone.

The singer makes note of the recent controversies surrounding the two men including their part in inciting the Capitol insurrection and Cruz’s ill-fated trip to Cancun.

When Donald Trump came onto the GOP scene in 2015, Cruz and Graham both had higher aspirations. The duo were running for the Republican nomination and frequently blasted Trump. Once the former businessman took office, though, they quickly fell in line.

Cruz had to fight hard to hold onto his senate seat in 2018 against Beto O’Rourke. While O’Rourke’s campaign was very popular, Cruz still managed to eek out a less than 2 point victory. The state of Texas is growing more purple, though, and Cruz may have a much tougher time holding his seat in 2024.

Graham faced a significant challenge for his senate seat in 2020. His opponent, Jaime Harrison was charismatic and well-funded. Thanks to national hatred for the South Carolina senator, donations poured in from all over the country. The Palmetto State, though, wasn’t quite as ready to say goodbye to Graham and he won back his seat by more than 10%. Graham will not be up for reelection again until 2026.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Randy Rainbow:



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