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Combating the Pressures that 2020 has Put on Businesses

Combating the Pressures that 2020 has Put on Businesses

2020 has been a challenging year for small and large businesses, with the pandemic leading to the closure of many of the companies that have become household names across the USA. The end to this time of struggle for businesses is not at an end yet, though, and is likely to extend in 2021, or until enough people have been able to receive the vaccine. However, many businesses have found ways to survive throughout this difficult year and combat the pressures that 2020 has placed upon them.

Small business closing during COVID-19 pandemic.

Improving Marketing Strategies 

Although many businesses decided to reduce their marketing campaigns throughout the first wave of the pandemic, when fewer people were looking to spend, now, there has been a surge in marketing campaigns as companies look to regain a foothold in their industry. Both digital and physical marketing campaigns have their part to play in boosting a company’s brand image and publicizing their products, with the pandemic leading entrepreneurs to discover the benefits of a joint strategy. If you want to start a real-world marketing campaign for your business, Valpak provides postcard direct mail that can allow potential customers to find out what they need to know about your business in a succinct format. 

Expanding Sales Channels

The pandemic has shown the importance of technology for businesses in the 21st century, with many retail stores and other businesses now deciding to focus on their internet sales channels. This is due to a reduced number of people deciding to head to malls and brick-and-mortar locations due to fear of the virus, leaving them to shop online only for a safer shopping experience. Then, businesses have worked to combat the pressures of 2020, which include some stores having to close and reduced business in physical locations, by deciding to expand and operate online versions of their store. 

Creating Financial Plans

2020 has put a lot of pressure on businesses’ cash flow, with many companies finding that they are not making the profits that they need for reinvestment or even for the essential upkeep of their company. Then, forward-facing business owners have also started to create financial plans that can help them to manage and predict the financial situation of their business months in advance. These allow business owners to plan in advance for difficult periods by cutting their costs in certain areas and by giving them time to build up an emergency reserve of profits to prevent them from going bankrupt. 

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Continuing to Network

Even though many business owners are now leading their business from their homes, this has not led to a reduction in networking. Many entrepreneurs now choose to network with other businesspeople online. Platforms like Zoom have allowed companies to replace networking groups and events with digital versions that can provide them with opportunities they have previously missed out upon. Although this does not give them the same impact as face-to-face discussion, it can be useful for those looking to get a head start once the pandemic is over by making firm connections. 

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