Columnist Explains How Brokered Convention Could be a Boon to Democrats

There have been questions about Joe Biden's age for years, but those questions grew louder after the President's Thursday debate performance. Democrats are now wondering if the best way forward for their party is to put forward a different nominee on their ticket. 

The move would obviously be out of the ordinary and frightening for the party, but it might also lend excitement to a race that has seen anything but. In a recent column for the Washington Post, Matt Bai wrote about how a brokered convention could benefit Liberals. 

The columnist began, " Democrats were dead set on nominating an 81-year-old incumbent with a 40 percent approval rating, with democracy hanging in the balance, largely because they feared that his vice president would otherwise inherit the top spot on the ticket and lose."

The piece continued, "Biden might yet be persuaded to step aside and let the party choose another nominee. But that would likely mean a scramble for votes and a floor fight at the convention (assuming the party couldn’t unify behind Vice President Harris by the time of a virtual nomination vote in August). This scares Democrats to death. It shouldn’t.'

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Bai closed:

"If Biden were to accept reality and step aside, for once, Democrats would have a genuine opportunity to match Trump’s theatrical dominance. What better way to recast yourself with the electorate than through a gripping, episodic fight for leadership? What could draw more people into politics than a must-watch nightly drama, with the fate of the nation at stake? I have to believe that Trump — a modern-day P.T. Barnum who feeds off the boring artifice of his adversaries — fears that spectacle more than anything."