Colorado Hospital System Reveals it Will Not Perform Organ Transplants on Unvaccinated Patients

People in a number of different professions have been hit hard by the pandemic, but no one has had it worse than those in healthcare. They have been working long hours and suffering emotional trauma from seeing people die.

JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images

To make matters worse, some of their current patients don’t even believe that the virus they are suffering from is real. There have been a number of stories of health care professionals encountering both verbal and physical abuse.

And still, people are refusing to get vaccinated. This includes people who need an organ transplant. Now one hospital system is fighting back. UCHealth is denying organ trasplants to unvaccinated people citing medical reasons.

The policy came to light thanks to a tweet from Colorado State Senator Tim Geitner. Geitner tweeted a picture of a letter from the hospital, writing, “UCHealth denies life saving treatment – kidney transplant – to El Paso County resident. See my FB live post.”

In the letter the hospital system notes that it was placing the potential kidney recipient on the inactive list until they get their shots.

Scientist and former congressional candidate Trish Zornio explained, “Yes, those with the best chance of long-term survival always get first priority for transplants. It’s standard ethical practice, and an immunocompromised patient is at very high risk of severe outcomes or death with COVID-19. Non-vaccination is therefore a valid exclusion.”


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