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Co-Founder of ‘Students For Trump’ Arrested on Fraud Charges

Co-Founder of ‘Students For Trump’ Arrested on Fraud Charges

In 2015, as Donald Trump gained momentum towards the Republican nomination college focus groups rallied to get behind his candidacy. One of the most prominent of these groups was, Students for Trump, founded by Ryan Fournier and John Lambert.

John Lambert (Source: Twitter.com)

The group became quite popular, boasting chapters on over 300 college campuses and 60,000 Facebook followers. All is not well, however, for the founders as John Lambert has recently been arrested and charged with wire fraud.

Lambert and Fournier started their organization at Campbell University, a Baptist school located in North Carolina. Their most well known initiative was The Chalkening, where they had students write Trump 2016 in chalk at campuses around the country.

The group went all in on Trump’s candidacy with Lambert saying, “We can actually know the politician who is running the country. It’s no more smoke and mirrors.”

Now, though, co-founder Lambert has found himself in a tremendous amount of trouble. According to the Daily Kos, “John Lambert, 23, was arrested last week and charged by Southern District of New York prosecutors with wire fraud for having invented a lawyer persona named “Eric Pope” that he used to solicit legal work online.”

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The alleged fraud was initially successful as Lambert, “bilked over $16000 in fees from would-be clients to whom Lambert had represented himself as a practicing attorney.” Eventually, federal agents caught onto the former student activist’s plan and arrested the alleged fraudster.

Lambert, who still resides in North Carolina, was able to make bail following his arrest. He will face a New York City judge on April 29th.

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