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CNN’s Wajahat Ali Mocks Republican Party’s “Diversity”

CNN’s Wajahat Ali Mocks Republican Party’s “Diversity”

Late this week, Texas Congressman Will Hurd announced his intentions to retire from his position. The announcement was notable as Hurd is currently the only African American Republican serving in Congress. Tim Scott from South Carolina is the only African American serving in the Senate.

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On his show Friday night, Chris Cuomo invited a panel to discuss the GOP’s issues with diversity. CNN and New York Times contributor, Wajahat Ali, mockingly said the party is represented by every shade of white.

Cuomo began the segment by mentioning Hurd’s retirement and asked his panelists what it might mean for the party. Ali was the first to answer:

“President Trump is the President of all Americans. I think the Republican Party is the most diverse party on Earth. When I look at the Republican Party I see every shade of white under the sun, I see white men, old white men, young white men, white men with facial hair, some white men with fades. I even see some white women. What I don’t see are people of color. Why? Because Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a racist president and he’s promoting a white nationalist ideology.”

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Interestingly enough, the other panelist was Niger Innis, an African American Republican. Innis replied, “Am I offended by Donald Trump calling out a district that has been controlled by one-party rule for over 50 years and where blacks large — a large number of blacks are in misery?” Innis asked. “He didn’t call blacks subhuman. He said the conditions are.”


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