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CNN’s Toobin Apologizes For His 2016 Coverage of Clinton Email Scandal

CNN’s Toobin Apologizes For His 2016 Coverage of Clinton Email Scandal

In the run-up to the 2016 election, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had serious issues to deal with. Trump had a tape released of him making crude comments while appearing on Access Hollywood. He was also accused of sexual assault by a number of women.

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Clinton, of course, had to deal with accusations that she had used a private email server to conduct government business. On Monday, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin apologized for the way he had covered the matter.

Toobin’s mea culpa comes on the heels of a State Department report that found that Clinton had not acted maliciously.

The legal analyst explained to Politico:

“I think I got into the trap of false equivalence during the 2016 campaign. Comparing Donald Trump’s record of ethical problems with Hillary’s emails lent a misleading impression. And I have to say, I am determined not to do that again to the extent that I can. I am going to try to look at corruption and ethics issues each on their own rather than trying to create some sort of equivalence that isn’t there.”

Toobin says that the experience from the Clinton email story has affected the he’s covered the Ukraine situation. He noted, “that there is nothing comparable in magnitude between whatever Hunter Biden did and whatever Donald Trump did.”

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One member of Clinton’s team appreciated Toobin’s candor. Former Clinton press secretary, Brian Fallon, said, “Toobin’s comments were refreshingly honest and admirable and it’s a level of introspection that I don’t think we’ve seen from another single journalist of his prominence.”



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