CNN’s Tobin: Forced to Reopen Wisconsin Is Now “A Failed State”

Like governors in many states dealing with the effects of the coronavirus, Wisconsin’s Tony Evers issued a shelter at home order. On Wednesday, though, the state’s Supreme Court struck down Evers’ order calling it unconstitutional.

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

While many areas that are now reopening are doing some with restrictions, Wisconsin is moving forward with essentially no rules. During a segment on CNN last night, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Wisconsin is now a failed state.

Evers was, understandably devastated by the court’s decision. The governor said in a statement, “We are in the wild west. There are no restrictions at all in the state of Wisconsin … We are going to have more cases, we are going to have more deaths. And it’s a sad occasion for the state. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.”

The analyst began the segment by saying, “The Republican Party has turned Wisconsin into a failed state. This is such an outrageous lawsuit, such an outrageous decision… the idea that a state cannot try to protect the public health of its citizens is contrary to Wisconsin law, as well as common sense, and this hostility in the Republican Party to the Democratic governor there has just jeopardized thousands of lives.”

Toobin continued, “You have Democrats believing in science. You have Republicans who are looking at this, it seems to me, through an ideological lens that is about hostility to government, disbelief in science.”

Watch a clip of the CNN segment below:

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