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CNN’s S.E. Cupp: “Trump is in Pretty Evident Mental Decline”

CNN’s S.E. Cupp: “Trump is in Pretty Evident Mental Decline”

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are continuing to get worse. The campaign realizes that the debate is Trump’s last chance to improve his positioning. But the GOP also realizes that Biden is a skilled debater who will come well prepared for the event.

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In a effort to spin Biden winning the debate, Republicans have begun to claim that the former Vice President will be using performance enhacing drugs. Rudy Giuliani went as far as diagnosing Biden with dementia this morning on Fox and Friends. Conservative S.E. Cupp says that the strategy is ironic considering that Trump is in mental decline.

CNN host Brianna Keilar brought up the drug claims by Giuliani and Dr. Ronny Jackson during a panel discussion. “None of this is based in fact,” she said. “Ronny Jackson himself has shown himself to have dramatic flair, at best, and very un-doctor-like conduct in some of his commentary, right? Fox News correspondents pointed out to Rudy Giuliani, we’re not doctors, but this is out there in the public… It’s not like on Fox News, for instance, viewers are going to get any pushback on that either.”

Cupp then weighed in:

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“It’s really irresponsible, it’s gross, it’s also pretty rich considering, you know, Trump’s, I think, pretty evident mental decline. He has trouble finishing sentences, he has trouble not veering off on tangents, late-night Twitter rants. It’s just a rich line of attack.” 

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