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CNN’s Kyung Lah: Despite Massive Failure in AZ, Trump’s ‘Clown Show’ Audit Will Continue

CNN’s Kyung Lah: Despite Massive Failure in AZ, Trump’s ‘Clown Show’ Audit Will Continue

Arizona has long been a Republican stronghold. But there have been cracks developing for years. First Kirsten Sinema won a senate seat in 2018. The dam broke for the GOP in 2020 when Mark Kelly won the other seat and Joe Biden became the first Democrat to win there since 1996.

Photo by Courtney Pedroza for the Washington Post

Republicans were aghast at the loss of the state and asked for multiple audits which failed. Then came the highly partisan Cyber Ninja audit which only went to prove that Biden won the state. Despite that failure, CNN’s Kyung Lah reports that the national audits will continue.

Lah began, “I was able to watch this process up close for many months, and it was riddled with absurd problems. The draft report that we’ve been able to review is filled with errors and it looks like a lot of misinformation.”

The reporter then played an interview clip where GOP Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates explained, “We have to continue to tell the truth. We have to continue to push back against the big lie. Those behind this, they don’t have reverence for democracy. They are trying to sow doubts so that down the road they can again question elections if they don’t turn out the way they wanted them to.”

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Lah then said ominously, “It may be the clown show is packing up here in Arizona, but it is nowhere near being over anywhere in this country.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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