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CNN’s Jim Acosta and Fox’s Sean Hannity Start a Twitter War

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Fox’s Sean Hannity Start a Twitter War

Throughout his attack on the media by the president over the last two years, the media themselves have remained rather quiet when it comes to attacking each other. This, however, suddenly appears to be changing in a big way.

On Wednesday, shortly after the Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, where CNN’s Jim Acosta was heckled in quite a disgusting manner, Fox News’ Sean Hannity weighed in on the attacks, saying:

“I’m actually going to give your network some advice, if you have an open mind and an open heart,” Hannity told Acosta during his opening monologue. “The people of this country are screaming at you for a reason. They don’t like your unfair, abusively biased treatment of the president of the United States.”

Acosta, who has not only been the brunt of attacks coming from Trump supporters, but has been attacked multiple times by the president himself, fired back on Twitter, writing, “Hannity is a propagandist for profit, peddling lies every night. He says he’s just a talk show host, not a journalist. But he’s injecting poison into the nation’s political bloodstream warping public attitudes about the press. I’m confident in the long run the truth will prevail.”

This tweet clearly upset the Fox News host, as he directed the following tweet towards, not only Acosta, but the entire CNN network itself:

“Jimmy @Acosta sorry your precious feelings are hurt & that people see through your lying bullshit for what it is. FAKE NEWS. #CNNSUCKS.”

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When I reached out to Hannity in the past, via Twitter, for clarification as to what he considers “fake” about CNN’s reporting, he blocked me:

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