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CNN’s Gloria Borger: Gov’t Will Make an Example Out of Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Gov’t Will Make an Example Out of Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

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Steve Bannon was one of the more capable people willing to work for Donald Trump. The long-time Republican strategist was instrumental in getting the former president elected.

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And while Bannon did not last long in the Trump administration, he has never stopped supporting his former boss. That support could cost him though. CNN’s Gloria Borger thinks the strategist will be a sacrificial lamb who will get other Trump sycophants in line.

Borger began, “Steve Bannon is an unsympathetic figure, he’s low-hanging fruit. He’s the person at least claim to have executive privilege since he did not work in the White House. It’s their way of showing that if they’re going to be this serious about Steve Bannon and charge him with criminal contempt, potentially, then they’re going to be serious with everyone else

The CNN pundit continued:

“They believe it’s going to encourage other people with whom they are speaking to cooperate in one form or another. The attorneys, for example, for Kash Patel and Mark Meadows are speaking with committee attorneys, will they be able to come up with some sort of arrangement that would get more documents, that will get some more testimony? This will show them maybe they should. Don’t forget, they got a lot of stuff already… the DOJ has a lot to say already. So they need Steve Bannon, yes, but they also want to make an example of Steve Bannon too.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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