CNN’s Don Lemon: Stop Saying We Have to Respect Trump Voters

The 2016 election was very difficult for Liberals. They accepted the loss, however, organized, took back the House and then the White House. The whole time they were doing this, many Conservatives mocked Democrats. “F*ck your feelings,” was a common refrain.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Those same Republicans, though, are now demanding that Liberals understand their grief over Trump’s loss. The View’s Meghan McCain is one of the voices leading the chorus, saying the media must respect Trump voters. CNN’s Don Lemon responded to this plea yesterday saying he doesn’t buy into the argument at all.

The CNN host brought up the topic during a conversation with Chris Cuomo. He said of those Republicans who trust Trump’s claim of election fraud:

“Why do they believe that? Because you have been telling them that! Of course, they’re going to believe it. If you would stop telling them that and start telling them the truth, then maybe they would believe the truth, that the election was not stolen and it was a clean election, according to everyone who has investigated, most of them Republicans. So stop saying that we must respect Trump supporters who believe bullsh*t because it is bullsh*t that you have been feeding them! The president and you have been feeding them the BS. And now that they believe it, all of a sudden, again, another self-fulfilling prophecy and feedback loop. ‘I can’t believe that. My constituents believe this, so I must…’ It’s all BS! And it’s all made up!”

Watch a clip of McCain’s original comments below:


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