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CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals Which Fox Anchor He Can Actually Stand Watching

CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals Which Fox Anchor He Can Actually Stand Watching

It’s no secret that CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are all locked in a battle for cable news supremacy. Fox News usually wins the ratings battle. The conservative outlet has a built in advantage as CNN and MSNBC often split liberal viewers. Fox, though, it now being challenged by right-leaning upstarts OAN and Newsmax.

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And while there is frequent tension between some of the anchors, that doesn’t mean there isn’t also some measure of respect. During a recent appearance on Mediaite’s The Interview podcast, CNN’s Don Lemon was asked which Fox anchor he respects the most.

When pressed for a favorite, Lemon responded:

“The host that I really have hope for and I can watch now, quite honestly, is Neil Cavuto. I love watching Neil. I think he has a great style. I think he’s really good. I think he’s honest. And of course, Chris Wallace he’s really — he’s not really on Fox. I don’t really see him as a Fox News anchor, I just see him as a journalist who happens to work for Fox. And then I can watch Bret (Baier), usually when he does a straight newscast. But when he’s surrounded by the talking heads and the opinion folks, I have to turn the channel. But that’s really about it. From more from the morning show until Neil Cavuto comes on, there’s nothing there to really see. And then once Neil is gone, there’s nothing there to see until Neil comes back on the next day. And Bret.”

You can listen to the podcast below, courtesy of Mediaite

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