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CNN’s Don Lemon Lauds Fox News’ Hosts Chris Wallace and Ed Henry for Trump Coverage

CNN’s Don Lemon Lauds Fox News’ Hosts Chris Wallace and Ed Henry for Trump Coverage

Cable news is an incredibly competitive business and anchors are frequently at each other’s throats as they fight for ratings. It’s never a surprise to see CNN anchors poke fun at Fox News or have Fox anchors blast MSNBC.

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So when an anchor from one network goes out of their way to praise one from another network is makes for interesting news. During his broadcast on Monday night, CNN’s Don Lemon praised the way Fox’s Chris Wallace and Ed Henry have covered the Trump/Ukraine scandal.

Wallace has long been willing to take Trump to task when he disagrees with something he’s done. Henry has largely been a supporter of the President but has recently drawn his ire.

After Henry conducted a contentious interview with conservative Mark Levin this weekend, Trump attacked him on Twitter. The President quickly retweeted 23 posts aimed at attacking Henry.

Lemon said of the attack on Henry, “The president tweeting an absolute tirade of lies and abuse, and his defenders singing from the very same hymn book. We’ve got to stand up for the facts. That’s what we have to do. And that includes those of us who are in the media. We cannot allow the president’s defenders to spew falsehoods, to spew lies, misdirections, shiny objects as if the facts were a matter of opinion because they are not.”

The CNN host also praised Chris Wallace for his conduct during an interview with Stephen Miller. Wallace repeatedly pressed the evasive Trump adviser to answer questions about the President and the Ukraine.

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You can see a clip of Lemon’s segment here, courtesy of CNN:


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