CNN’s Cupp: Don’t Give Trump Extra Credit for not “Acting Crazy” During Debate

Thursday night’s debate was quite a bit different for Donald Trump. This microphones were muted, which was meant to prevent the president from constantly interrupting. As a result, there were far fewer fireworks than there were the first time the two men faced off.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CNN

Trump was strangely subdued. This was likely the strategy his team decided on before the event began. And many pundits on cable news were willing to laud Trump for not acting outrageously. CNN’s SE Cupp mocked those commentators saying Trump doesn’t deserve credit for not “acting crazy.”

CNN host Don Lemon began, “He (Trump) was forced to behave. If he did not calm down a bit, he was going to lose it. What do you think about it?”

Cupp responded, “I think we need to be careful with the way we describe Trump’s debate performance. You know, by our own Daniel Dale standards he lied more in this debate performance than in the quote unquote ‘crazy’ debate and the bar is so low that it’s on the floor. So I get why we talk about, well, he was better this this time. But that bar is so incredibly low.”

The conservative pundit continued, “We do a disservice when we talk about it in those terms,” she added. “This was a terrible debate for the President of the United States to get on a national stage and tell millions Americans that Covid ain’t so bad. I could go on and on. It was a terrible debate performance and very, very sad for our country. So, I do think our language around his performance matters.”

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