CNN’s Cupp Calls For Pardon Powers to be “Re-Examined” Post Trump

Donald Trump’s time in the White House is soon coming to an end. It is clear, though, that the president plans on issuing a number of pardons while he still can. This started earlier this week with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CNN

There is always an element of controversy around presidential pardons. Trump, though, is expected to take them to an extreme and, perhaps, even try to pardon himself. CNN contributor S.E. Cupp says that once Trump is out of office, it may be time to re-examine presidential pardoning power.

Cupp made the comments while speaking with Boris Sanchez. She told the host, “I actually think it’s time to look at the power of the pardon, not because of what Donald Trump is doing, but because for decades if not centuries, and in fact over multiple, administrations the power of the pardon has been abused.”

The contributor continued, “So where Donald Trump has taken pardons today and may take them over the next few weeks, months, is almost inevitable. Where trump is today is sort of the next logical conclusion of this power. We should start taking a look at whether it is being used and has been used over decades the way the Founders intended it.”

Cupp closed by talking about the possibility that Trump attempts to pardon himself. “If the president has designs on running again for president, this would certainly imperil that, and I would think encourage other justice departments to really look at what he had done while in office,” she said. “If he is tacitly admitting he needed to be pardoned for stuff. I’m not sure this is constitutional or legal, but it seems pretty clear it would be unadvisable for him to do that.”

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