CNN’s Berman Rips “Small” Rand Paul for Kentucky Senator’s Whistleblower Demands

The GOP has deployed a number of different strategies in their fight to defend Donald Trump from the current House impeachment inquiry. One key maneuver for Republicans is attempting to smear the whistleblower who’s report on a call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodmyr Zelensky began the process.

Rand Paul John Brennan Security Clearance
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

On Monday night, Rand Paul demanded that the media release the name of the anonymous figure. CNN’s John Berman furiously reacted to Paul’s request, referring to the Kentucky senator as “small.”

Paul made the comments while appearing at a Donald Trump rally in Lexington, Kentucky. He yelled to the crowd, “Do your job and print his name!” Rally-goers then began to chant, “do your job.”

Berman and co-host Alisyn Camerota weighed in on Paul’s comments during this morning’s broadcast of New Day. “He’s trying to get us to do his dirty work and say the name of the whistle-blower, which is illegal,” said Camerota. “If he knows it, why doesn’t he say it? I’ll tell you why he doesn’t say it. Don’t answer that. Because it’s illegal, and he knows that.”

Berman then blistered the Kentucky senator, “He’s a small man. I have to tell you what he just did there was small and cowardly right there.”

The host continued, “If he’s got something to say if he wants to break the law, do it, but to sit there on that stage and say oh, others should do it right now. I’m not going to say others should do my work for me. That’s small.”



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