CNN’s Berman Asks, “Is Today the Day Republicans Stop Lying?”

Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in early November. Days after the election ended, every major network called the election for the former vice president. And a number of recounts have been conducted that proved that Trump had lost.

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Still, the majority if Republicans serving in the House and Senate have refused to publicly call Biden the winner. A number of Democrats, however, say that their Republican colleagues privately are willing to admit the election results. With today being electoral college day, CNN’s John Berman wondered if today was the day Republican lawmakers “stop lying.”

Berman began, “We will watch this distinct ceremonial and frankly bizarre process unfold all day right here on CNN. Joe Biden will win, again, just as he did on Election Day, just as he did in the Supreme Court on Friday. So in some ways, this is a formality when the electors the actually cast their votes.”

The CNN host continued, “It is a hugely important moment historically and constitutionally. And it will provide senior Republicans, many of whom have stoked undemocratic, dangerous conspiracy theories, perhaps their best chance to acknowledge the reality of Joe Biden’s victory. We’ll see if they stop lying today.”


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