CNN Reporter: Trump DC Hotel is in Dire Straits Because No One is Staying There

Prior to Donald Trump becoming president, the Trump Organization opened the their Washington DC hotel. While the 45th president was in office, the hotel was often buzzing. The lobby area became a hot-spot for Republican movers and shakers in the nation’s capitol.

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

But like all hospitality businesses, the Trump building has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. And now that Trump is out of office, there are fewer visitors now than even a few months ago. During a Monday report, CNN’s Brian Todd said the hotel is in dire straits.

“It wasn’t that long ago the Trump International Hotel was buzzing, but tonight there are serious questions about its future,” said Todd. “With Donald Trump out of office, there now seems to be little to attract guests to his gilded hotel.”

The reporter continued:

“Despite its ornate lobby, the Trump International Hotel, like other high-end locations, has been ravaged by COVID. On a recent weekend evening, a CNN employee who shot this video saw decent crowds in the lounge and at the steakhouse, but few people staying in the hotel. The next day during a weekend brunch period, our employee observed the lobby area was lifeless. Scenes consistent with the view from the editor of a newsletter who has kept close track of Trump hotels.”

Todd concluded, “During our recent visit, a staffer noted it’s normal to have a slowdown at this time of year, but also said because of everything going on it had a different time. A different time from the days just before Donald Trump was elected president, the Trump International opened, touted as a crown jewel in his real estate empire.”



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