CNN Pollster: No Incumbent in History has Been in Worse Shape Than Trump

The 2020 election was predicted to be a closely fought battle. While Donald Trump is generally unpopular, he has a very passionate voter bloc that seemingly supports him no matter what. This year, however, has been a controversial one for the President and has included impeachment, a pandemic and mass protests.

Trump caught in lie about Michigan voters
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Those issues, combined with a well-known opponent in Joe Biden, have created an uphill battle for Trump. The polls between the two contenders have been terrible for the President. So bad, in fact, that CNN poll analyst Harry Enten says that no incumbent has ever been in worse shape than Trump.

Enten wrote a long Twitter thread about the President’s polling and what it might mean for November. “There were more than 40 national public polls taken at least partially in the month of May that asked about the Biden-Trump matchup,” he wrote. “Biden led in every single one of them. He’s the first challenger to be ahead of the incumbent in every May poll since Jimmy Carter did so in 1976.”

The poll analyst also noted Trump’s unpopularity with a wide variety of voters. He continued, “His net approval rating (approval – disapproval) in the ABC News/Washington Post poll was -8 points. That’s very close to the average of polls, which has it at about -10 points. At no point during the past three years has Trump ever had a positive net approval rating.”

Enten concluded, “Closing out May there’s really just one thing to say: Biden’s in one the best positions for any challenger since scientific polling began. He led in every poll this month. He’s lead in every poll that called cell phones this entire year.”

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