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CNN Poll: Trump Down to Biden by 16% After Contracting Coronavirus

CNN Poll: Trump Down to Biden by 16% After Contracting Coronavirus

Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been terrible during the entire election season. Last week offered perhaps his last chance to turn his chances around. But his debate with Joe Biden went terribly. And then later in the week, he contracted COVID-19.

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The polls taken immediately after the debate looked bad for him, with a vast majority of people saying Biden won. But there weren’t yet polls taken after he contracted COVID-19. The first major post COVID poll, conducted by CNN, shows Trump down by 16%.

This is the largest margin that Biden has been up so far in a major poll. But that does not make it an outlier. A survey conducted by the Wall St. Journal and NBC News put out earlier this week had Trump down 14%.

The CNN study had Biden winning a whopping 57% of the vote share compared to 41% for Trump. The former Vice President led the current President among all age groups. The closest for Trump was the 48-64 year old age group where he only trailed by 2%.

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Alarmingly for Republicans, Trump is getting crushed by Biden among seniors. Seniors helped carry Trump to victory in 2016. But in the CNN poll, Biden is leading Trump among seniors by a margin of 21%.

Of course, the Trump campaign will likely claim the polls are fake, the same argument they make about 2016. But as things currently stand, the Republican is set to lose the election in a landslide. And if there is a double digit spread in the White House race, a number of GOP senators will be losing their races as well.


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