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CNN Poll Shows Lowest Level Of Opposition To (And Highest Support For) Trump’s Impeachment Yet

CNN Poll Shows Lowest Level Of Opposition To (And Highest Support For) Trump’s Impeachment Yet

As President Donald Trump continues to rail on about how he doesn’t deserve to be impeached or removed from office — doing so in ways that some may construe to be racist — the American people aren’t buying his line of reasoning, with most believing that he deserves to be ousted.

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A CNN poll released on Tuesday shows that 50 percent of Americans are supportive of efforts to impeach and remove Trump from office. That’s the highest rating yet in the CNN poll tracking support for impeaching Trump.

Meanwhile, only 43 percent of respondents say Trump shouldn’t be removed, let alone impeached, over his actions as president. That’s the lowest level of opposition to impeachment that the poll has recorded as well.

The CNN poll also found that most Americans believe that Democrats are forging ahead with an inquiry out of real concern that the president committed impeachable acts. and not just politics. Forty-eight percent said as much, while 42 percent believe the impeachment inquiry is based out of trying to do damage to Trump’s image.

The opposite opinion holds true for how Americans view Republicans: 50 percent say that their opposition to impeachment is due solely to protect Trump, while 40 percent say they believe members of the GOP genuinely don’t think an impeachable offense occurred.

Overall, the poll found that Republicans in Congress have a 30 percent approval rating from the American people, while Democrats in the House and Senate enjoy a 43 percent approval rating.

Those numbers seem to confirm a Gallup poll’s findings from this month that showed support for impeachment tended to result in positive numbers for lawmakers backing it. Congress’ approval ratings overall went up 7 points, according to Gallup, in the month after the inquiry was announced.

The jump was particularly pronounced for Democrats, who saw a 17-point increase month-to-month, while the approval ratings of Republicans in Congress stayed stagnant from September to October.

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