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CNN Panel Blasts Donald Trump’s Farewell Rally as an ‘Embarrassment,’ ‘Inappropriate,’ and ‘Repulsive’

CNN Panel Blasts Donald Trump’s Farewell Rally as an ‘Embarrassment,’ ‘Inappropriate,’ and ‘Repulsive’

Instead of attending President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, a soured former President Donald Trump held a pitiful rally at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland before departing for Mar-a-Lago, his private estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump is the only outgoing commander in chief in 152 years to skip the swearing-in ceremony of his successor, and his speech was pretty much on par with his usual campaign-style bluster, despondency, and divisiveness.

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After Trump concluded his address, CNN’s top political pundits unloaded on the 45th president for his sheer classlessness, self-aggrandizing, and incapacity to put the country’s interests ahead of his own.

Jake Tapper noted that Trump never once mentioned Biden:

Have a good life, we’ll see you soon: a fitting end to the Trump presidency. A speech full of puffery and lies. Although of course with this president, it always could have been worse, but there weren’t the worst of his typical lies about the election.

He did acknowledge that there is an incoming administration, but we don’t have to grade on a curve. It was an embarrassment that he did not even mention the name of his successor, Joe Biden. And the fact that he is making it all about himself and not about the country at all.

Anderson Cooper noted that Trump is “leaving behind a Washington in lockdown,” referring to the presence of thousands of National Guard troops that were deployed in the wake of the siege on the United States Capitol on January 6th.

“Incredible that he circled the Capitol to survey the Capitol in Marine One, and what he saw was a Capitol surrounded by fence and razor wire and troops. That is his legacy, that is what he has left. Now comes the work of taking that fencing down and rebuilding our democracy,” said political commentator David Axelrod.

“It’s really a contrast that we’re seeing now, the incoming president, President-Elect Biden attending church services. The soon-to-be-former President of the United States at what seems to be a little bit of a campaign rally at Joint Base Andrews,” Wolf Blitzer, the host of The Situation Room, observed.

“Totally inappropriate, I must say,” Blitzer continued. “The music that was playing there, but that was a campaign rally as opposed to a formal departure ceremony, and the fact that he avoided even congratulating, saying anything about the new President of the United States, was pretty repulsive as we’re watching this unfold.”

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Trump’s song of choice was The Village People’s “YMCA,” which the group has repeatedly demanded he ceases using.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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