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CNN Legal Expert Thinks Trump Will Pardon Himself

CNN Legal Expert Thinks Trump Will Pardon Himself

Donald Trump will only have another two months or so as the American president. That office carries with it a number of important powers. And it is likely that the 45th president will be abusing those powers to the fullest extent until mid-January.

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The most important of those powers is the ability to pardon and commute the sentences of criminals. Trump, himself, has plenty of criminal exposure that he will be dealing with once he leaves office. According to CNN legal expert Elie Honig, Trump may even use that power to pardon himself.

Honig made the comments during an episode of Mediate’s The Interview podcast. He told host Aidan McLaughlin, “Oh, it’s going to be chaos, it’ll just be pardon palooza. There seems to be a little bit of an impression out there that the president loses some of his powers once he’s… lost the election and is a lame duck. Not at all. He doesn’t lose a single legal or constitutional power. He still has the pardon power.”

The legal expert continued, “I’m sure Michael Flynn, I’m sure he’s going to pardon Michael, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopoulos, even though the latter two have already served their time, just to make a point, just as a final, you know, finger in the eye of Robert Mueller.”

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Honig then got into the question of whether or not Trump could pardon himself. “We don’t know the answer to whether that’s lawful or constitutional because no one’s ever tried it. It’s never come up. Look, on the face of it, it seems like he can do it. I mean, the Constitution does not place any explicit limitation on a self pardon.”


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