CNN: Lauren Boebert Had to Be Cut Off From Drinking At Trump Event [VIDEO]

Behaving badly in public is nothing new for Lauren Boebert. The Colorado congresswoman first came onto the national scene by loudly heckling Joe Biden during his first State of the Union address. And a few months back, Boebert was chided for vaping in front of a pregnant woman and getting overly handsy at a theatre. 

Boebert recently attended a Donald Trump event in New York City. According to CNN's Melanie Zanona, she had to be cut off by bartenders after having too much to drink. 

Zanona explained, "It was a Republican event, Donald Trump was headlining, and the server who was coming to bring alcohol refused to bring her any more alcohol because they thought that she was overserved."

The reporter continued, "She also was trying to take pictures with Donald Trump and eventually Donald Trump's security detail stepped in and asked her to stop doing that, according to those who witnessed it that I spoke to."

Host Kasie Hunt closed the segment by surmising, "So just to be clear, basically," a smirking Hunt interjected, "She went to a fundraiser in New York City with Donald Trump, got so drunk they had to cut her off? And then tried to take repeated pictures with Trump, and then they had to tell her, 'Hey lady like tone it down,' according to the witnesses?"