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CNN Hosts Spar Over the Debt Ceiling

CNN Hosts Spar Over the Debt Ceiling

Unless Congress raises the debt ceiling by mid-October, the United States will default on its obligations to its creditors, triggering unprecedented economic calamity not only for Americans but for the greater global economy. Unfortunately, Republicans on Capitol Hill have – again – united against increasing the debt ceiling, leaving Democrats with limited options and an extremely tight timeframe to work out a solution before the clock runs out.

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The issue is relatively black and white. Either the debt ceiling – which enables the government to pay for programs it already signed into law – gets raised, or the economy tanks. But the media is, as it so often does, engaging in “both sides” pandering, and it came to a head between two CNN hosts on Tuesday morning.

Correspondent Manu Raju had just finished an interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) when he joined anchor Kate Bolduan for a chat about what he deemed as a “politically toxic vote” to prevent a disastrous debt default. It did not go well for him.

“So the procedure here is important, Kate, because what the Democrats are pursuing is a measure that would require 60 votes in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling. That means 50 Democrats, 10 Republicans. Republicans are saying they will not give them the 10 votes. They said the Democrats should use a procedure that would allow them to approve it with just Democratic votes alone. That procedure takes about two weeks to do,” Raju explained.

“They need to raise the debt limit by mid-October, and they also don’t want to own that politically toxic vote of raising the borrowing limit,” Raju added. “So you’re seeing what’s happening here, Kate, a slow-moving train wreck, concerns about not getting out of this, and uncertain about what will happen in the days ahead.”

All of this is, of course, totally avoidable, but Republicans are gleefully gunning for the government to default on its debts so that they can blame the Democrats for it in next year’s midterm elections.

Thus, Bolduan refused to buy into Raju’s argument.

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“I still do wonder how politically toxic it is to take that vote that you’re talking about because I don’t know if anyone has lost an election because they voted to raise the debt ceiling,” Bolduan replied. “We’ll see.”

Watch below via Crooks and Liars:

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