CNN Host’s Battle With COVID-19 Exposes The Horrible Reality Of The Pandemic

Cable news hosts often try their best to avoid being the story. However, that is just what has happened to CNN host Chris Cuomo, host of the network’s Cuomo Prime Time, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Image via Twitter screenshot, user @JoenabelP/CNN

This week, Cuomo has been doing his show from the basement of his home after testing positive for coronavirus. On the first night doing so, he said he felt fine, even though viewers and guests he spoke with remotely said he looked visibly ill. By the second night, things were much worse.

Cuomo admitted that he felt worse than he had the night before, and in a harrowing segment, let the world know the horrors of having coronavirus. He told the world about fevers so rough the shivering caused him to crack a tooth, as well as hallucinations that had him talking to his deceased father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Cuomo told the world in terrifying detail:

“I want you to be thinking about everybody who is not as lucky as I am who are dealing with the same that I am and 10 times worse, especially after what I learned last night.”

“This virus came at me — I’ve never seen anything like it, okay? So I’ve had a fever. You’ve had a fever, 102, 103-plus that wouldn’t quit. It was like somebody was beating me like a pinata. I was shivering so much … I chipped my tooth.”

“So the sun comes up. I was up all night. I was hallucinating.”

“My dad was talking to me.”

“I was seeing people from college, people I haven’t seen in forever. It was freaky what I lived through last night.”

And yet, he still has the willpower and motivation to do his show, even after what he just lived through. Stories like this are important, even when coming from a person of such high levels of privilege. People really are not in tune with the reality of this virus yet.

While Chris Cuomo might be still doing his show from his basement, there are many people out there suffering through this who have it much, much worse. There are people dying alone in hospital beds, with nothing but nurses and doctors who come in and out. Their families cannot visit them due to the highly contagious nature of the disease.

People are trapped in quarantine all over the place. More than anything, it seems that the biggest horror of coronavirus is the sheer loneliness of the disease. The whole world is in isolation, terrified of many of our worst fears: dying alone, just another number amongst the masses in the middle of the worst global pandemic we have seen in living memory.

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