CNN Election Expert Explains How Trump is Pulling GOP Candidates Down With Him

At one point, Donald Trump’s endorsement really meant something in the Republican party. When he first won the presidency in 2016, he was wildly popular among GOP voters. But he’s had a very rough 3 1/2 years and Republicans have consistently lost elections they felt they would win.


Joe Biden Trolls Trump
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The same seems likely in 2020. There are a number of senate Republicans up for reelection and the Democrats have a strong chance at taking control of both the senate and house. And a big reason the Republicans are polling so bad is the presence of Donald Trump on the ballot.

CNN elections expert Harry Enten talked about the subject in a recent column. He began, “Democrats will need to win four Republican-held seats to reach that net gain of three. They’re ahead in at least five races: Arizona (by 7 points), Colorado (by 9 points), Maine (by 5 points), Iowa (by 2 points) and North Carolina (by 3 points).”

Enten continued:

“The fact that these Republican senators are being weighed down by Trump shouldn’t be a surprise. The correlation between Senate and presidential results has climbed much higher in recent years. The 2016 election was the first time since senators were popularly elected that every state voted for the same candidate for Senate and president,This year, the same thing may happen.”

The elections expert closed the column, “This year, Republicans’ chances at a House majority have been all but squashed because they’re doing poorly in what should be red territory. Take a gander at the about 20 seats where Trump and the House Republican carried in 2016, but where the Democratic candidate won in 2018. The Republicans aren’t clear favorites in any of these seats.”

Read the full analysis here.

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