CNN Election Expert Entin: Something is Cooking in the Polls and It's Helping Joe Biden

Joe Biden faced several obstacles upon becoming President in 2021. The economy was hurdling toward a recession and the country was still dealing with hundreds of COVID deaths each day. 

Years later, things are much different. The President was able to avoid that recession and improve the economy. Despite his success as Commander in Chief, Biden has still trailed Donald Trump in polls. That has begun to change over the last two months and Harry Entin discussed that phenomenon on a Tuesday spot. 

The elections expert told Kate Bolduan, "In January and February, you had a pretty clear Trump lead...Look at what's happened in April, though. All of these polls have shifted to be more friendly to Biden."

Enten continued, "Something is cooking, Kate. Something is cooking in the polls, and whatever is cooking seems to be helping Joe Biden. And one of the things that might be cooking is that fact that the attention has turned from the Republican primary now to the fact that Trump is facing legal problems because that has been the main thing in the news."

It is clearly good news for Democrats that the President is showing better in the polls, but the party cannot become complacent. Biden had a significant polling lead to 2020 before winning a closer-than-expected election.