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CNN Breaks Down Dumb Ways Cops Busted Capitol Insurrectionists

CNN Breaks Down Dumb Ways Cops Busted Capitol Insurrectionists

More than 400 people have been arrested and/or charged with misdemeanors in connection with the January 6th siege on the United States Capitol, and the means by which many of them were apprehended by law enforcement are absolutely wild.


On Friday’s edition of New Day, CNN’s Brianna Keilar broke down some of the craziest arrest stories.

The list of boneheaded mistakes includes:

  • Wearing a work badge
  • Wearing an Olympic “Team USA” jacket
  • A suspect’s wife bragging on Facebook
  • Calling into a tip line and admitting to being at the riot
  • Being recognized from another protest
  • Angry ex-girlfriend calling the cops because her insurgent boyfriend called her a moron
  • Being recognized by a work colleague
  • Having distinguishable face and neck tattoos
  • Sending incriminating texts in a group chat
  • Former cop-turned-financial advisor turned in by a client
  • Family seeing pro-QAnon posts on Facebook
  • Seeing a friend on CNN footage of the attack
  • Posting on Instagram from inside the Capitol
  • Wearing an “I was there” t-shirt

Co-host John Berman was unable to resist making fun of just how stupid the insurgents are.

“The Venn diagram between Mensa members and people at the insurrection – I’m not sure there’s a lot of interaction there,” Berman quipped.

“True, and it also just speaks to I think the mindset of the folks who were there thinking they weren’t doing anything wrong, that they would be welcomed, that this wasn’t going to be seen as a crime, nothing the matter with it,” Keilar replied.

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“That’s the second thing I was going to say and actually that’s the more important thing. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with what they did,” said Berman.

“Probably surprised they’re facing the ramifications of it, quite frankly,” Keilar said.

Watch here via Mediaite.

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