CNN Anchor Coates Calls Out Conservative Guest for Pulling Out KFC Bucket

With Donald Trump now well ahead in the polls and Democrats figuring out their next step, Conservatives are on a high. That includes those right-wing pundits who regularly appear as talking heads on cable news networks. 

Scott Jennings, a CNN commenter who has worked as a Republican strategist, was in such good spirits on Wednesday that he pulled out a KFC bucket during an interview. The move drew a rebuke from the host, Laura Coates. 

Holding the bucket, Jennings crowed, "It’d be like if you call Kentucky Fried Chicken and said, ‘I’d like to interview Colonel Sanders.' Now, his face is on the bucket. He doesn’t make the chicken anymore. In fact, he’s not even alive anymore. This is what the Democrats are asking people to do. Vote for the face on the bucket."

Coates jumped in, "Hold on. Do you actually have a chicken bucket on TV right now? I’m gonna give you a hard time because, hold on, you actually brought the chicken bucket?"

Watch a clip of the moment here 

After some back and forth, Jennings continued, "My point is this. The presidency is not just a face, it’s not just a brand on the bucket. The presidency is a guy or a girl, and that person has to stand up every day, getting every morning, go to work, answer questions, sit with world leaders… We don’t vote for faces on the bucket. We vote for people, strong leaders who can execute in the office."