CNN Analyst: Trump’s Current Actions Will Damage Republicans in 2022 Midterms

Midterm elections have huge consequences. When Donald Trump took office in 2017, Republicans held the majority in Congress, the Senate and the White House. Trump was able to use this majority to push through a huge tax cut and was almost able to take away healthcare from millions of Americans.

PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

Needless, to say, the 2022 midterms are going to be hugely important to Joe Biden. Right now Democrats have control of the House. Senate control hinges on Georgia’s looming special election. Donald Trump is most certainly going to play a role in what happens. According to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, the 45th president will be doing plenty of damage to his party’s candidates.

Cillizza began by referencing South Dakota’s John Thune. Thune, the number 2 Republican in the Senate, hasn’t backed Trump’s attempts at overturning the election. In turn, the president is calling for a primary opponent to oppose him.

The CNN analyst writes:

“What Trump’s threats against Thune and [Brian] Kemp suggest is that the outgoing President is entirely comfortable ripping the Republican Party in two: Those who back him until the bitter end (and beyond) and those who, well, don’t. Which, if it comes to pass, is an utter disaster for the near-term (and maybe middle and long term ) future of the GOP. A fissure that creates a Trump party and a Republican Party would likely lead to losses up and down the ballot in swing seats and states — as there are simply not enough Republicans in the country to split themselves up and still win.”

Read the column in its entirety here

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