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Clinton Lawyer Found NOT GUILTY Of Lying To FBI

Clinton Lawyer Found NOT GUILTY Of Lying To FBI

Donald Trump’s supporters have been pointing to the prosecution of Michael Sussman, an attorney who has worked for the Clinton family, as proof that the investigation into his connections with Russia was ‘rigged’ or based on falsified evidence, or false claims. Now Sussman has been found not guilty of the crime which he was charged with — lying to the FBI.

[Photo credit PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images]

Specifically, Politico reports, Sussman was accused of lying to the FBI when he reported that there was a connection between Trump and a Moscow bank. When asked if he was turning this information over on behalf of a client, he reportedly denied it. Trumpers, including Special Counsel John Durham, who Trump appointed to investigate those involved in investigating him, had alleged that Sussman was working for Hillary Clinton, suggesting that he handed over the material in order to harm Trump’s campaign and help her.

Former Federal prosecutor Renatto Mariotti opined on Twitter that few prosecutors would have taken the risk of even bringing the Sussman case to court, considering the difficulty of securing a conviction for lying to the FBI.

According to NPR, attorneys for the prosecution argued that Sussman’s report to the FBI was actually not about national security, but “promoting opposition research about the opposition candidate, Donald Trump,” but former FBI general counsel James Baker did not take notes on his 2016 meeting with Sussman, and gave conflicting testimony on Sussman’s words in the meeting. Between those factors and the hundred-plus times throughout his testimony that he “didn’t remember” various aspects of the meeting, the jury was apparently unconvinced of his certainty of this specific detail.

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