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Clint Detention Camp Worker Accused of Sexually Harassing Mother of Detainee

Clint Detention Camp Worker Accused of Sexually Harassing Mother of Detainee

The detention camps in which South American migrants are being held have a wide range of sanitary conditions. According to Human Rights Watch Organization, the Clint Detention Center in Texas can be considered to be one of the worst. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) shared a video of the site’s conditions that quickly went viral.

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According to a new story from the Washington Post, the poor sanitary conditions are the only issue with the center. The paper reports that a worker at Clint has been accused of sexually harassing the Mother of a 12 year old detainee.

A complaint filed in April alleges that a Clint worker sought out the Mother of one of the detainees. She is from Guatemala and is currently living in California. Her 12 year old son was being held in Clint.

At first, the mother hoped that the communication could help her to get her son out of custody. The suit claims, however, that the man would send the mother messages over Facebook including a request that watch him masturbate.

The unnamed Mother told the Post, “I felt like the world was falling on top of me. I felt my son is in the hands of a bad man.”

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Customs and Border Protection Spokesperson, Matthew F. Leas, said, “The vast majority of CBP employees are dedicated, honest, compassionate and fair professionals. This alleged conduct is not in line with our code of conduct and will not be tolerated.”

The woman was reunited with her son in Early June and they are now together.

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