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Claudia Conway’s Anti-Trump Activism Leads To Intervention

Claudia Conway’s Anti-Trump Activism Leads To Intervention

Claudia Conway is the teenaged daughter of George Conway and Kellyanne Conway — the pair who’ve garnered immense attention for their opposite positions on Donald Trump. While Kellyanne is a key advisor to the president, George is part of a PAC that firmly opposes Trump and Trumpism. Claudia’s political views appear to lean more in her father’s direction, in that she definitely expresses anti-Trump views. However, her views are clearly her own, and her activism is independent of her father’s.


Claudia Conway has been posting anti-Trump TikTok videos, and on Thursday worked to organize a mass reporting of Trump’s tweets, in hopes of “social distance[ing] Trump from his social media.”



Though Claudia is having an impact, her parents are apparently concerned. George Conway has tweeted forbidding journalists to make contact with Claudia (HillReporter has not contacted the teenager and will not), and according to her tweets, her parents have pressed her to give up her social media presence as it grows.

However, she’s made it clear that she’s an independent entity, as far as her politics go, even tweeting to let journalists who quote her know they should refer to her by name, and not only by her connection to the public figures who are her parents.


She says her parents want her to delete her social media accounts especially Kellyanne.


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Of course, she’s said a few things that met mom might take personally, considering her role in the Trump administration.


She’s also leveled a harsh dig at the couple’s marriage since they started trying to limit her reach. While that tweet has since been deleted, she says she stands by the sentiment.


(According to Deadline the original tweet was a response to her father’s directive about contact by journalists, and said, “You’re just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard. Sorry your marriage failed.” Kellyanne and George’s marriage has been a subject of public speculation, due to their respective positions with regard to Trump.)

Claudia Conway is a minor and her parents certainly have legal power over her access to social media, but her fierce activism is clear, and will surely prevail, even if she has to take it offline.

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