Claire McCaskill: William Barr Belongs in the Trash Bin of History

William Barr got his job as Attorney General after writing an “audition piece” in the to the president. In the unsolicited piece, he  outlined just how he would aid Donald Trump. And he has done just that. While Barr might technically be the top lawyer in the country, he normally acts entirely in Donald Trump’s best interests.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Friday, Morning Joe hosted Claire McCaskill. The former Missouri senator recently went viral for her take-down of Donald Trump. McCaskill may be trending for another take-down soon, this time about Barr.

The former Democratic lawmaker began, “Let this settle in. The head of the premier law enforcement organization in the United States of America took an oath to tell the truth, and told Congress yesterday that Russia was trying to meddle in our election to help Donald Trump, to hurt Biden, and that white supremacists were the biggest domestic threat to our national security.”

McCaskill continued:

“What is the attorney general doing? He’s talking about arresting the mayor of Seattle. He’s talking about arresting protesters. I mean, if this was a plot for a movie, I would walk out and say this is so unrealistic this couldn’t happen in America.”

The pundit closed her comments, “But it’s happening, and Barr is totally and completely responsible the way he is not only allowing the denigration of Joe Biden by Russia but the way he’s denigrating the life long career prosecutors. I can’t tell you how badly Barr needs to go into the trash bin of history, and the sooner, the better.”

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