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Civil War: MAGA Congressman Gohmert Going MAGA Attorney General Ken Paxton

Civil War: MAGA Congressman Gohmert Going MAGA Attorney General Ken Paxton

One of the more pathetic aspects of Trump’s GOP takeover is the way that elected Republican lawmakers fight over his adulation. And to some of them, winning Trump’s love is more important than party loyalty.

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Take Louie Gohmert for example. The MAGA congressman has stayed deep in Trump’s hip pocket since 2016. Gohmert, obviously jealous of Paxton, recently ripped into the Texas AG.

Gohmert told CBS that he doesn’t thing Trump should endorse Paxton. “I suggested that he hold up,” he said. “I said, ‘I’m even thinking about it (running) if there’s not a better alternative.'”

The Texas congressman also claimed that Trump talked to him before endorsing Paxton. The Republican claimed that Trump told him, “‘I was told that you were definitely not running before I endorsed.'”

Gohmert closed:

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“Well, I didn’t tell him that. So, it became clear it took a lie, a lie to President Trump that Gohmert’s definitely not running in order to get the endorsement and further reinforces this Attorney General will do anything and say anything to get what he wants. That’s not the kind of Attorney General we need. There’s only one person who helped to lie and say I was definitely not running and that was Ken Paxton, either him or somebody on his behalf. Nobody else had any motive to say that and lie about it.”


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