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Cindy McCain Says That She Expects Republicans to be Named to Biden’s Cabinet.

Cindy McCain Says That She Expects Republicans to be Named to Biden’s Cabinet.

A lot of different people helped propel Joe Biden to victory in the 2020 election. And some of these people were from the opposite party. There was the Lincoln Project, a group of former GOP’ers who produced viral social media content favoring Biden. And there were endorsements from prominent Republicans like John Kasich, Tom Ridge and Christine Whitman.

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But the most important endorsement may have come from Cindy McCain, the wife of GOP legend John McCain. At this moment, it looks like her support may have put Biden over the top in Arizona. McCain was asked today if she would accept a spot in Biden’s cabinet. She said that “there will be a role for Republican’s” in Biden’s administration.

McCain made the comments during Monday’s episode of The View. She was asked by host Ana Navarro-Cardenas if she would be interested in a position in Biden’s administration.

She responded, “Most of all right now, what I want is for this country to be no longer divided but work together. That’s the reason I endorsed Joe.”

McCain continued, “This is an administration that’s going to be all-inclusive and there is a role for Republicans in the administration. Our party, on the other hand, I think what we will see is probably a bit of a change. Our party was almost the party that was the party of inclusion.”

“Years ago … we were the inclusive ones, we were the party of Abraham Lincoln,” McCain concluded. “And we’ve gone so far awry on what our values are as Republicans that … it’s time to step back, stop this … and go back to our core values.”

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