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Cindy McCain Says Meghan’s Spats on ‘The View’ Often Bother Her ‘a Little Bit’

Cindy McCain Says Meghan’s Spats on ‘The View’ Often Bother Her ‘a Little Bit’

Cindy McCain, the widow of former Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and the mother of The View host Meghan McCain, admitted to SiriusXM radio host Andy Cohen this week that her daughter’s frequent spats with her fellow ABC co-hosts sometimes “make her cringe a little bit.”

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McCain chuckled as Cohen prodded her about Meghan’s knack for stirring up television drama.

“I have to ask, when you see Meghan getting into it on The View with Whoopi [Goldberg], and they’re just like – I mean I call, The View is not totally not far from The Real Housewives – did you know that Meghan was such a tough cookie and a fighter? Because she gets into it with the other women, and what is your reaction when you’re watching?” Cohen asked.

“Well, you know, ever since she was very little, we called her ‘John McCain in a dress’ because she was always fighting. She was always questioning and talking and making sure that not only did she understand what was going on but could we change it kinda thing,” McCain explained. “She’s always been that way, so that’s her nickname within the family. And I think she’s doing a great job. I mean, she stands up for what she believes in and that’s all that you can ask for. And she’s also really smart. So I appreciate what she does. I don’t always agree with her, but I do appreciate it.”

Cohen then asked McCain if Meghan’s on-air tiffs bother her.

“Does it upset you? I mean, the other day, she and Whoopi got into it and Whoopi’s like ‘I gotta go to a commercial break,’ and they’re going – I mean, as a mom, does that, I just saw you cringe a little bit when I brought it up – does that upset you to watch?” he wondered.

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“Well yeah, from a mom – you teach your children to be polite and be nice to other people and all that kind of stuff, and it does make me cringe a little bit,” McCain confessed. “But again, it’s her job and it’s what she does, and it’s Whoopi’s job to keep the peace, so I understand everything that’s going on there. But as a mom, yeah, it does bother me a little bit.”

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