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Cindy McCain Sends A Strong Message To Trump In First Interview Since Husband’s Death

Cindy McCain Sends A Strong Message To Trump In First Interview Since Husband’s Death

Kyrsten Sinema’s recent election to the Senate broke a long streak of Republican leadership in Arizona. Cindy McCain, the widow of one of those long-term leaders, is hoping Donald Trump learns from the losses.

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McCain has long had a contentious relationship with the President, who repeatedly insulted her husband. During a recent interview, she gave detail on her feelings about Trump and her hopes for his improvement.

She told CBS News, “I think maybe the things that have occurred, especially with this election, may maybe take him back to basics. It’s very humbling to lose, and I hope he learns from it and realizes that our country needs a strong leader, not a negative nancy, if I can put it in such a basic term.”

Arizona is emerging as a crucial state for Republicans to win in the 2020 elections. The senate race between Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally was marred by McSally’s deception about healthcare. McSally was also supportive of President Trump’s claims about the migrant caravan.

McCain took a veiled shot at McSally when asked about the race saying, “The level of discourse, especially in my home state, that took place was abominable,” she continued, saying her husband “would’ve said ‘Enough. This is not only wrong but it’s bad for the country.’”

McCain also discussed her own personal feelings for the President. Trump and John McCain were frequently at odds, particularly after Trump questioned McCain’s wartime heroism.

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She remained respectful but short, “He is now the president of the United States. I respect the office and respect the, you know, what this means to the country. You know, our families have had their differences, and I’ll leave it at that.”

She did later admit, “It has been, at times, hard for me to listen to him about my husband, I’ll be honest.”

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