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Cindy McCain Could Take Her Husband’s Senate Seat, But it’s Entirely Up to Governor Doug Ducey

Cindy McCain Could Take Her Husband’s Senate Seat, But it’s Entirely Up to Governor Doug Ducey

On Saturday, America lost a brave hero in Senator John McCain.  McCain, who held his seat in the U.S. Senate for 31 years before passing away on August 25, was well respected by his colleagues and loved immensely by his family.

McCain will be buried at 2PM on Sunday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  Some time after his burial, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will name his replacement — a man or woman who will likely take over McCain’s Senate seat until the 2020 general election.

One name that appears to be at the very top of that list is Cindy McCain, the widow of the deceased Senator.

Cindy McCain is a successful businesswoman, humanitarian and philanthropist.  She had been married to John since 1980, and has played a vital role as a ‘Senate Wife’ over the years.  She would easily continue in John McCain’s footsteps while also adding her own views to the mix.

Cindy isn’t the only replacement under consideration though.  Ducey is expected to also consider his own chief of staff, Kirk Adams; Jon Kyl, who served with McCain in the Senate between 1995 and 2013; and former US ambassador to Finland Barbara Barrett, among others.

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John McCain was not always an easy Republican vote, so that could deter Republican Governor Doug Ducey from selecting the Senator’s wife, Cindy.  At the same time though, Ducey has had tremendous respect for McCain, and may wish to choose someone who he knows will best carry on McCain’s ideologies and legacy.

No deadline is set, but Ducey will make a decision sometime after McCain’s burial.  Whether that is an hour, a day or a couple of weeks after, we do not know.

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