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Chuck Schumer Suggests Hiring of Postmaster General Was a Coverup

Chuck Schumer Suggests Hiring of Postmaster General Was a Coverup

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has accused the White House of concealing the true motives behind President Donald Trump’s decision to hire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

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At the heart of the matter is the relationship between the Trump Administration and Russell Reynolds, the private management consulting firm that helped recruit DeJoy to run the United States Postal Service.

DeJoy, whom the president put in charge of the USPS in June, has had a meteoric ascent from obscurity to infamy because of his willingness to dismantle crucial mail-in voting infrastructure at the president’s pleasure.

On Wednesday, Schumer sent a letter to United States Postal Service Board of Directors Chairman Robert Duncan demanding to “know whether Mr. DeJoy was selected for improper reasons of politics or patronage.”

Schumer wants a “complete and fulsome explanation” from the USPS Board of Directors regarding how and why DeJoy, a former Trump mega-donor with no experience running a government agency, was selected to oversee the nation’s mail.

“My office was informed by counsel for Russell Reynolds that the Board was not willing to waive its non-disclosure agreement so that Congress could satisfy its oversight obligations to better understand the selection of Mr. Dejoy,” Schumer wrote. “In addition, the Board’s response was silent on the role White House and Treasury Department officials played in the search process. Recent reports have raised President Trump’s personal obsession with and grievances against the Postal Service and his desire to replace the former Postmaster. As part of my inquiry, my office learned of the role Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had with Postal Board of Governors, including through meetings with individual Governors as well as phone calls with groups of Governors, which has not been previously disclosed by the Board.”

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Schumer is tired of being given the runaround and smells a coverup.

“This administration has repeatedly pointed to the role of Russell Reynolds to defend the selection of a Republican mega-donor with no prior postal experience as Postmaster General while at the same time blocking the ability of Congress to obtain briefings from the firm and concealing the role of Secretary Mnuchin and the White House in its search process,” Schumer concluded. “Given the importance of the Postal Service to millions of Americans, I urge you as Chairman of the Postal Board of Governors to be fully transparent regarding the selection of Mr. DeJoy as Postmaster General. I request that you immediately release Russell Reynolds from any nondisclosure agreement so that Congress and the communities served by the Postal Service can obtain the full story behind Mr. DeJoy’s selection. I also call on you to direct the Board to provide a complete and fulsome explanation of the role of President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin in the search process for a new Postmaster and the selection of Mr. DeJoy.”

Wednesday’s letter was Schumer’s second request. In June, Schumer asked the USPS Board of Directors to justify DeJoy’s hiring. They refused.

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