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Chuck Schumer Demolishes Republicans as ‘Segregationists’ for Filibustering Voting Rights Bill

Chuck Schumer Demolishes Republicans as ‘Segregationists’ for Filibustering Voting Rights Bill

Shortly after every single Republican in the United States Senate banded together to filibuster the For the People Act of 2021 – President Joe Biden’s bill to expand and protect voting rights – Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rhetorically indicted the entire GOP for continuing its crusade to cripple the constitutional right to vote.

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“Senate Republicans just voted against starting debate – STARTING DEBATE – on legislation designed to protect Americans’ voting rights. Once again, the Senate Republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue here in the United States Senate – an issue no less fundamental than the right to vote,” an irate Schumer said in a fiery speech on the Senate floor.

“I’ve laid out the facts for weeks,” Schumer continued. “Republican state legislatures across the country are engaged in the most sweeping voter suppression in 80 years. Capitalizing on and cataloged by Donald Trump’s big lie. These state governments are making it harder for younger, poorer, urban and non-white Americans to vote. Earlier today, the Republican leader told reporters that, quote, ‘Regardless of what may be happening in some states, there is no rationale for federal intervention.’ The Republican leader flatly stated that no matter what the states do to undermine our democracy — voter suppression laws, phony audits, partisan takeovers of local election boards — the Senate should not act. My colleagues, my colleagues. If Senators sixty years ago held that the federal government should never intervene to protect voting rights, this body would never have passed the Voting Rights Act.”

Schumer then turned to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and accused him of using “the language and the logic of the southern Senators in the ’60s who defended states’ rights, and it is an indefensible position for any Senator, any Senator, let alone the minority leader to hold. And yet that was the reason given for why Republicans voted in lockstep today regardless of what may be happening in some states, there’s no rationale for federal intervention. That is both ridiculous and awful. All we wanted to do here on the floor was bring up the issue of voting rights and debate how to combat these vicious, often-times discriminatory voting restrictions. And today, every single Democratic Senator stood together to protect the right to vote in America.”

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Schumer pledged that “the Democratic Party in the Senate will always stand united to defend our democracy.”

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