Chuck Schumer Chides Trump’s Executive Orders “Paltry, Unworkable, Weak, and far too Narrow”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Sunday tore into Republican claims that the $600 per week Pandemic Unemployment Assistance which expired in July and kept tens of millions of Americans financially afloat functioned as a disincentive for people to look for work.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump signed multiple executive orders following a legislative impasse in Congress, one of which extended PUA benefits through December but at a reduced rate of $400 per week.

Schumer decried the power grab as “paltry, unworkable, weak, and far too narrow.” Trump’s signing event at his Bedminster, New Jersey Country Club was just what Trump does — a big show but it doesn’t do anything.”

“As the American people look at these executive orders, they’ll see they don’t come close to doing the job” because of “what they propose and what they left out,” he added.

Such an assertion “belittles the American people,” Schumer told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “Americans want to work, but with 10, 11 percent unemployment, you can’t find a job, and people shouldn’t be given a pay cut.”

“Most states will take months to implement it because it’s brand new. It’s sort of put together with spit and paste, and many states, because they have to chip in $100 and they don’t have money, won’t do it,” Schumer said. “To boot, it depletes the hurricane trust fund to defer this money, to pay for this money, when we’re at the height of hurricane season.”

Watch the clip below:

If the breadth of the novel coronavirus pandemic which breached 5,000,000 cases and 160,000 deaths this weekend were the only crisis befalling the United States, perhaps Democrats would be slightly more open to negotiating with Trump over this single issue. But meteorologists are warning that the 2020 hurricane season, still weeks ahead of its peak, is likely to be one of the most active in recent memory. At most risk are some of the states with the biggest surges in COVID-19 cases.

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