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Chuck Grassley Attends “Gun Shoot” Event Days After Mass Killings

Chuck Grassley Attends “Gun Shoot” Event Days After Mass Killings

Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is one of the oldest members of the United States senators and normally sides with the President. He attacked Trump a few months back on the outsize impact trade tariffs are having on Iowa farmers. On matters of gun control, however, Grassley walks in lock step with other Republicans.

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The Iowa Senator has continued to support gun ownership even after a weekend marred by two mass killings. On Monday night, Grassley appeared and spoke at a fundraiser where attendees could wear and fire weapons.

Grassley took the opportunity to speak about gun control while speaking at the event. He told the audience, “Many here tonight are gun owners. I’ve been a strong defender of Second Amendment rights my entire time in Congress. I know you’re as horrified by these shootings as anyone else.”

The Senator then went on the argue that rather than ban assault weapons, authorities need to do a better job of identifying potential shooters. He noted there was, “mistrust between gun rights advocates and gun control advocates that’s led to a stalemate.” Grassley then said, “we as a society must be better equipped to recognize the warning signs that almost always precede tragedies like the ones over the weekend.”

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The event was hosted by Steven Holt (R), an Iowa State Senator from Denison. When asked about cancelling the event, Holt replied, “It is not about the gun. It is about the character of the person holding it. My event will go on as scheduled.”


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